Hello, My Stitcher Friends! 
  We are excited to share with your our gift picks for the holidays season 2020, you might want to indulge your stitching friend or yourself. All ideas are clickable with places to buy, just for your convenience. And most important it is not too late for the order, you will get it before Christmas ! Also, you can save this guide as a Birthday Gift Guide for later😉
#1 Cross-Stitching or Embroidery Books might be a good idea, as books filled up with inspiration and instruction on a bunch of projects. So it will save time when you are looking for a new project.
Here are Bestsellers in Cross Stitching Books
Whimsical Cross-Stitch has more than 130 designs
Mega Mini Cross-Stitch: 900 super Cross-Stitching Motifs
Here are Bestsellers in Embroidery Books
Embroidery: A Step by step Guide to More than 200 Stitches.
Stitchcraft: An Embroidery Book of Simple Stitches and Peculiar Patterns.
Harry Potter Embroidery You will love conjuring up featured projects for gifts or decoration!
#2 Led Head Magnifier Glasses are a perfect gift for senior crafters or those who want to take the strain off their eyes during stitching. Led light helps with good lightning, so you can stitch any evenings if you want without damage to your vision.
#3 Audible subscription: The Plus Catalog: the all- you-can-listen catalog including thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and original is a great way to entertain yourself even more during stitching.
#4 DMC Gold Flecks 10*10 Stitchable Cork with Gold will give you a new unforgettable experience in stitching during Holiday time.
#5 Your Stitcher Friend will thank you for Embroidery Floss Organizer. A lot of people cleaning and refreshing their space during Holiday time, so this Organizer would be very helpful.
#6 Cool Mesh Zipper Pouch will also help to organize crafting process and keep all projects neat and clean.
#7 Boho Patterns is another way to gift a chance to try something new and fresh to your crafting friends.
#8 "All I want for Christmas is more floss" friends would be happy to get our big packs of Colorful Creations Embroidery Floss, which comes as huge as 200 colors pack.
#9 Our Holiday PDF Pattern Pack is another way to gift inspiration for Holiday Season, they can be turned out into beautiful home decoration pieces.
#10 Cute needle minder will help to organize needles and avoid unpleasant situation when needles are lost in the sofa.
needle minder
Let us know what do you think and how did you like our guide! We would love to hear your feedback.
 Happy Stitching!  

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