Clever Hacks To Organize Cross Stitch/Embroidery Thread Or Floss

Believe it or not, how organized your workspace is can affect your crafting productivity. Trying to cross-stitch, or any craft, in a neat and organized environment optimizes your efficiency. That might sound easy for other crafts but stitch/embroidery thread or floss is a whole different beast. They’re beautiful, they’re colorful, but there are a lot of them! How are you possibly going to find creative ways to organize and grab your thread or floss when you need them? How can you optimize your organizational efficiency? Fortunately, there are some clever hacks to organizing your stitch/embroidery thread or floss.




Keychain Rings


You don’t want just any keychain ring. You want big keychain rings. You can take a hole puncher at the top of flat spools for the thread or floss and use it to run the keychain ring through. You can organize each keychain ring by different shades of stitch/embroidery colors instead of having them stuffed into a bag or drawer.


Business/Index Card Organizers


Business or index cards might be a dying breed and a thing of the past but that doesn’t mean the holders you used to hold them with can die off. They can be great for organizing your cross stitch/embroidery thread or floss. Imagine sliding open or opening the top of an index card holder and seeing all your beautiful colors organized in one place.




Imagine wrapping your stitch/embroidery thread or floss on a clothespin and then pinning them onto a pinboard? It’s a great alternative to opening a draw or stuffing your thread or floss into a cabinet. It’s just right there on the wall for easy access.


What if you don’t have any cross-stitch/embroidery thread right now to organize? Well, that’s no problem because you can get ‘colorful creations’ cross-stitch/embroidery thread for free today but you have to act fast!

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